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Pug Club Frustrations

April 10, 2008

After we got Pugsley, we did the Mighty Texas Dog Walk.  It’s a 3 mile walk to support service dogs, and an attempt for Austin to break the world record for most dogs walked.  At this event, we met lots of pug people, and were invited to join the Austin Pug Club.  So we join, we meet other pug people, we play in the dog park- it’s great.  My only complaint is that the administrator for our Meet Up Message Board only advocates rescue, not breeding.  If a breeder puts up a post about puppies for sale, they delete it as quickly as they can.

Many of y’all know that we bought our Mr. Pugsley from a puppy mill in Marble Falls. We stumbled upon this place simply by looking at Pug puppy ads in the paper. We didn’t know that it was a puppy mill, and they were very careful to only show us only the “ok” parts of the property. When we went to see the puppies they were huddled together under a table, when we tried to pick them up they ran behind the couch and hid. We really wanted a pug, they only had 2 left, we could see that they weren’t getting a lot of attention and felt bad for them, so on the spot we buy a puppy and take it home.

What we brought home was a fearful and sick puppy. He was not socialized, didn’t want anything to do with us, and spent most of his time hiding from us. He was infested with tape worm, which we had to treat many times before he was rid of it. He also developed demodectic mange, which took months to cure. We spent countless hours on training, and loving the stuffing out of him trying to get him to love us back. I truly believe that it is only because he is a pug that we were able to turn him around. By nature pugs are such loving and loyal dogs, it’s Pugsley’s disposition that helped him overcome his hard beginning.

The second time around, we were much wiser. It was through the Meet Up group that we were given Kristy’s name. She is so wonderful. I could see with every interaction how much she loves her pugs. We were so impressed with her, and with the quality of puppy we got from her as well! We were blown away by how friendly, affectionate, outgoing and healthy her puppies were. It’s easy to see why she was so highly recommended, and we are forever grateful! Our little Pickles is 13 weeks old now, and he’s wonderful- healthy and perfect!

My point is this: We are good people. We didn’t intentionally set out to support a puppy mill, but it happened. The average person doesn’t know what questions to ask, what to look for, and probably wouldn’t know what a “good breeder” vs. “bad breeder” looks like without some experience. I know that most people don’t realize that if they buy a puppy from a pet store they are likely getting a puppy mill puppy! Yes, rescue is very important, they are far too many pugs in rescue, and I think that it’s important for our group to continue supporting pug rescue. With that said- I beleive that it is also important for us to support the breeders who we know to be responsible, loving, and truly working toward the betterment of the breed. Afterall, wouldn’t responsible breeding help rescue in the long run more than anything???