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Hello world!

April 7, 2008

Wow, my first post.  Where to begin?  So much to say…  I guess I’ll just start with last night.  Ok, so we have these Pugs- best dogs in the world.  Elvis Pugsley is 1 1/2 yrs. old.  He just got a baby pug brother, Dill Pickles.  He’s 12 weeks old- just precious, except he is a freaking pig and will eat anything he can fit in his mouth.  So, last night.  I fed the dogs their dinner.  Oh, we do have another dog, Tinkerbell, but she’s not really a dog.  She’s a Toy Rat Terrier, 6 years old, 6 lbs, she just sits and shakes all day… Anyway- I feed all 3 dogs.  Baby Pickles eats all his dinner then goes to finish up the other dogs’ leftovers.  I put them all outside to do their business and he finds my son’s Nerf dart gun.  He proceeds to eat the foam covering off the dart.  Eventually Pugsley scratched on the door to be let in.  When I opened the door, Pickles could barely waddle his little butt in the house.  His tummy was so bloated.  A while later, I was getting ready to go to bed.  Normally the dogs sleep downstairs in “their room” and Pickles in a crate.  I was really worried about him, he just looked so uncomfortable.  So I told my husband that Pickles had a tummy ache and asked if he could sleep in our bed.  He agreed.  We all cuddled up in the bed and went to sleep.  I now remember why we stopped having kids and started getting puppies!  He kept us up all night long moving around the bed, going to the floor and wanting back up, snoring (he is a Pug).  So neither of us was sleeping, which worked out well around 3am when our oldest came in our room just sure that she had heard someone downstairs.  Tom got her calmed down and back to bed, we finally fall asleep, puppy moves to the floor for the night, all is well.  At 6:00am my alarm went off, I had to drag it out of bed and get the kids ready for school.  Pickles left me 2 huge piles of puggie poo to clean up and a nice puddle on the carpet also.  I’m happy to say that his tummy is back to it’s normal size.  I’m going to go take a nap before the kids get home from school!