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Party over here!!

June 10, 2008

We just booked the kids for their annual trip to Atlanta!!! My mother in law is so incredibly awesome! She not only takes the kids for us every summer, she even pays for the flight! They are leaving in five weeks for a 10 day trip. I don’t know what Tom and I will do while they are gone? Last year we went to Vegas- that was awesome… They are leaving the day before Tom’s 30th birthday, maybe we’ll just have a big kick ass grown up party!

They are super excited, it’s so cute they aren’t even nervous about flying alone any more. I remember the first time they went, I don’t think I slept for a week before they left! I was more freaked out than they were. McKenzie had her brave face on that day, and was really trying to convince us that she was fine. She was only 8, and it was only her second time on an air plane. Matt was 5, it was also his second flight and he was totally scared. They flew out of Dallas, and they would only allow one of us to go through security. Tom went with them, because he was the most calm about everything. He put them on the plane and waited at the gate for them to take off. After a few minutes Matthew came back up the ramp crying and he had to get him back on the plane. (that’s where I would have lost it) Once they were in the air they were fine, and they called from Grandpa Rhett’s convertible totally happy.

They have such a fun time every year. I’m so glad that Grandma keeps inviting them back! They stay at the house in Lilbun part of the time, where I understand they have a freezer with an unlimited supply of popcicles. They eat icecream for breakfast, swim in the pool, and cruise around in Grandpa’s Mustang. Then they spend some time at the farm in Royston where they visit with their great grandparents, drive around on the tractor, and play in the river. They also get to spend some time with their awesomest uncle Michael. I hope they know how lucky they are!! They come home totally spoiled, and very happy.

Our little travelers


Matt’s busted up hand

May 27, 2008

So being the nice mom that I am, I let my husband and neighbor take our kids to a baseball game. Two men vs. 5 kids. They had grass seats, and of course, the kids were running around playing. My brilliant and oh so careful son fell and broke his hand. Proof that the men cannot be trusted with 5 children. 🙂 After a month, half a dozen trips to the doctor, three sets of x-rays, 2 splints and 2 casts Matt’s broken hand is HEALED!! We had our last follow up today with the orthopedic doc- she said it looks great. Here are some pictures of Matt’s broken hand journey…

Here’s Matt with his first splint on. This was 3 days after the injury. It only lasted a few days and we were back in the doctors office having it refitted because it was rubbing a sore on the palm of his hand.

This was cast 1.0- it lasted about a week until he managed to break it at the bend- not bad enough to break the hand, he had to break the cast too… can’t have nothin nice…

Here he is in cast 2.0- the thicker, heavier, and stronger cast- he couldn’t destroy this one. I got to plug his ears for him today while they sawed it off!

Yay! He’s got two hands again- now take out the trash boy!!

Is this terrible?

April 28, 2008

So, this weekend I went to a 12 hour scrapbook event. It was the only thing I wanted for my birthday and it was awesome! I packed up all my stuff, and had big ambitions of getting Matthew’s scrapbook current. I had over 2 years worth of pictures to get through, and knew it would be a big job. My motivation? Get this done and I can work on the dog’s book!! So, 25 pages later, Matt’s book is current! First time ever that I can say that! Kenzie’s book is still a couple years behind, but the Pug scrapbook is looking GOOD!!

My favorite story of the day? My neighbor, Dana and I rode together- she told me this story on the way home- so funny. She was working on her little daughter’s book. She was doing this beautiful layout from Leah’s adoption. They were in Korea after the ceremony and Leah is dressed in this beautiful Korean gown. The layout was perfect- all in reds and pinks with Asian looking flowers, really pretty. Meanwhile I am going through the Pug’s bluebonnet pictures. The older lady across from me said, “Oh that is so beautiful!”. Dana said she almost said, “thank you”, and then realized that the lady was looking at my damn dogs and not her gorgeous layout!! What can I say? Pugs are awesome- no one can resist their wrinkly faces!! 🙂

Ok, one about the human kids…

April 19, 2008

Get \'em Matt!
Tom was giving me a really hard time for not including the human children more frequently in my posts. So, here’s one for the kids! We had games today. Matt’s flag football team got beat pretty bad, but they had a good time. McKenzie’s soccer game was really intense- it was a no score game until the last quarter when her team scored! They won 1 to 0! It was a gorgeous day to be outside, sunny and hot! They have been outside the rest of the day with their friends- I think we are all ready for summer!

messy pug mouths

April 18, 2008

My puggies are so cute. I love their squishy faces. They are especially adoreable when they eat something messy. It gets all over their little muzzles and they look at you with that sweet pug smile. Tonight we decided to be totally indulgent and have a root beer float from Sonic- one of our favorite treats on a hot night. Guess who thought that was a fabulous idea? Check out their little ice cream smiles!

This place is a PUG STY!!!

April 16, 2008

I’m overwhelmed. You should see this house.

I am serving on the RRISD Citizens Bond Committee. Our meetings get longer and more stressful every week as our deadline approaches. Last night we heard from our Ad Hoc people about how much everything is going to cost and what it will do to the tax rate. We’re trying to keep our tax rate at $.34, which is not going to be easy to do considering we are looking at a $300M + bond package. Now is the hard part of trying to cut the list down. Our district is really in need in so many areas, it’s hard to say, “yes spend the money here, but no, don’t spend it there.” I wish we could just give all the schools what they are asking for. I just know that I’m going to be crushed if we do all this work and the bond doesn’t go through in November…

So, I’m still thinking about all of that, I have 11 loads of laundry to do today, and the house is so messy. There are dog toys, chew bones, ripped up tissue and stuff everywhere! I can’t get mad at them though. It’s days like this when their big googly eyes and squishy hugs make me smile the most. I love my pugs- they just make me happy! On the other hand- the human children are going to have some major chores when they get home from school!! 🙂

It’s my birthday

April 15, 2008

I can’t believe I’m 30 today. It just doesn’t seem possible! Mr Pugsley looks so cute in his party hat- way cuter than I would. I had a great day. I’m so lucky to have wonderful friends and family who love me. Not to mention my gorgeous pug babies. Who could ask for more?

Pug Play Dates

April 13, 2008

The pugs had a rough day today.  The human kids had sports all day long, then we went out to dinner with friends.  This meant that they were alone most of the day.  Because they are little toots and can’t be trusted, this also meant that they were confined all day.  To make things worse- we ran out of bacon treats.  Bummer.  To cheer Pugsley up, I reminded him that LAST Saturday was his day to play in the park with his friends.  Georgetown has a great new dog park, with a small dog section reserved.  Round Rock just got a new one too, but we haven’t been there yet.  My favorite thing about the Georgetown one (Bark Park) is that it has this great double gate system so you can let your dogs off leash and not worry too much about them sneaking out.  Here are some pics of the Austin Pug Club playing at Bark Park.  Can you pick out Pugsley?  They all kind of look alike!

Mr. Pugsley is GROUNDED!!

April 10, 2008

We have a good sized back yard, all fenced in with a privacy fence.  There is one gate in the front that we keep locked with a pad lock to keep our dogs safe.  Apparently we’re going to need more than a lock…  The gate is 6 years old, and the bottom hinge is broken- the screws have come out of the wood.  Today when the kids got home from school they wanted to go out and play.  Matt was walking around the side of the house to meet a friend and saw that the gate was pushed open at the bottom.  He ran through the house and opened the back door.  Tink and Pickles came running in, but no Pugsley.  We went out and looked around, no Pugsley.  We jumped in the mini van to go look for him.  I could easily see that he had pried the bottom of the gate open just far enough to wiggle his fat butt out.  Thank God the other two didn’t follow!  We get half way around the block and there he is- standing in someone’s flower bed drinking out of their little fountain!  I was so relieved, and so happy that he was safe- then I was just mad at him for running off like that!!  So, he’s grounded until further notice, and so is daddy until the fence is fixed!

Pug Club Frustrations

April 10, 2008

After we got Pugsley, we did the Mighty Texas Dog Walk.  It’s a 3 mile walk to support service dogs, and an attempt for Austin to break the world record for most dogs walked.  At this event, we met lots of pug people, and were invited to join the Austin Pug Club.  So we join, we meet other pug people, we play in the dog park- it’s great.  My only complaint is that the administrator for our Meet Up Message Board only advocates rescue, not breeding.  If a breeder puts up a post about puppies for sale, they delete it as quickly as they can.

Many of y’all know that we bought our Mr. Pugsley from a puppy mill in Marble Falls. We stumbled upon this place simply by looking at Pug puppy ads in the paper. We didn’t know that it was a puppy mill, and they were very careful to only show us only the “ok” parts of the property. When we went to see the puppies they were huddled together under a table, when we tried to pick them up they ran behind the couch and hid. We really wanted a pug, they only had 2 left, we could see that they weren’t getting a lot of attention and felt bad for them, so on the spot we buy a puppy and take it home.

What we brought home was a fearful and sick puppy. He was not socialized, didn’t want anything to do with us, and spent most of his time hiding from us. He was infested with tape worm, which we had to treat many times before he was rid of it. He also developed demodectic mange, which took months to cure. We spent countless hours on training, and loving the stuffing out of him trying to get him to love us back. I truly believe that it is only because he is a pug that we were able to turn him around. By nature pugs are such loving and loyal dogs, it’s Pugsley’s disposition that helped him overcome his hard beginning.

The second time around, we were much wiser. It was through the Meet Up group that we were given Kristy’s name. She is so wonderful. I could see with every interaction how much she loves her pugs. We were so impressed with her, and with the quality of puppy we got from her as well! We were blown away by how friendly, affectionate, outgoing and healthy her puppies were. It’s easy to see why she was so highly recommended, and we are forever grateful! Our little Pickles is 13 weeks old now, and he’s wonderful- healthy and perfect!

My point is this: We are good people. We didn’t intentionally set out to support a puppy mill, but it happened. The average person doesn’t know what questions to ask, what to look for, and probably wouldn’t know what a “good breeder” vs. “bad breeder” looks like without some experience. I know that most people don’t realize that if they buy a puppy from a pet store they are likely getting a puppy mill puppy! Yes, rescue is very important, they are far too many pugs in rescue, and I think that it’s important for our group to continue supporting pug rescue. With that said- I beleive that it is also important for us to support the breeders who we know to be responsible, loving, and truly working toward the betterment of the breed. Afterall, wouldn’t responsible breeding help rescue in the long run more than anything???