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What’s better than a teddy bear??

June 25, 2008


Pickles has adopted the kids stuffed pug toy. It’s his little “mini me”. He carries it around, plays with it, and last night he curled up with it for a nap on the floor. He used to be only slightly bigger than it, now he’s huge compared to it. Our little baby boy is growing up!


Party over here!!

June 10, 2008

We just booked the kids for their annual trip to Atlanta!!! My mother in law is so incredibly awesome! She not only takes the kids for us every summer, she even pays for the flight! They are leaving in five weeks for a 10 day trip. I don’t know what Tom and I will do while they are gone? Last year we went to Vegas- that was awesome… They are leaving the day before Tom’s 30th birthday, maybe we’ll just have a big kick ass grown up party!

They are super excited, it’s so cute they aren’t even nervous about flying alone any more. I remember the first time they went, I don’t think I slept for a week before they left! I was more freaked out than they were. McKenzie had her brave face on that day, and was really trying to convince us that she was fine. She was only 8, and it was only her second time on an air plane. Matt was 5, it was also his second flight and he was totally scared. They flew out of Dallas, and they would only allow one of us to go through security. Tom went with them, because he was the most calm about everything. He put them on the plane and waited at the gate for them to take off. After a few minutes Matthew came back up the ramp crying and he had to get him back on the plane. (that’s where I would have lost it) Once they were in the air they were fine, and they called from Grandpa Rhett’s convertible totally happy.

They have such a fun time every year. I’m so glad that Grandma keeps inviting them back! They stay at the house in Lilbun part of the time, where I understand they have a freezer with an unlimited supply of popcicles. They eat icecream for breakfast, swim in the pool, and cruise around in Grandpa’s Mustang. Then they spend some time at the farm in Royston where they visit with their great grandparents, drive around on the tractor, and play in the river. They also get to spend some time with their awesomest uncle Michael. I hope they know how lucky they are!! They come home totally spoiled, and very happy.

Our little travelers

Look out Ridge View Middle School!

June 4, 2008

I can’t believe McKenzie is going to middle school in the fall- it really doesn’t seem possible. I’m feeling very old, but very excited, and very proud of the beautiful young lady she has become. We got some really great pictures of her at fifth grade graduation, enjoy. Oh- I should add that McKenzie received the TAKS Excellence Award for her Commended performance in Reading. She also recieved the President’s Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement- signed by George W. Bush himself! Go girl!

McKenzie with Principal Abby Duffy

McKenzie and Rebecca say \'cheese\'

beautiful girl

Garrett, McKenzie and Caleigh- best friends

Matt’s busted up hand

May 27, 2008

So being the nice mom that I am, I let my husband and neighbor take our kids to a baseball game. Two men vs. 5 kids. They had grass seats, and of course, the kids were running around playing. My brilliant and oh so careful son fell and broke his hand. Proof that the men cannot be trusted with 5 children. 🙂 After a month, half a dozen trips to the doctor, three sets of x-rays, 2 splints and 2 casts Matt’s broken hand is HEALED!! We had our last follow up today with the orthopedic doc- she said it looks great. Here are some pictures of Matt’s broken hand journey…

Here’s Matt with his first splint on. This was 3 days after the injury. It only lasted a few days and we were back in the doctors office having it refitted because it was rubbing a sore on the palm of his hand.

This was cast 1.0- it lasted about a week until he managed to break it at the bend- not bad enough to break the hand, he had to break the cast too… can’t have nothin nice…

Here he is in cast 2.0- the thicker, heavier, and stronger cast- he couldn’t destroy this one. I got to plug his ears for him today while they sawed it off!

Yay! He’s got two hands again- now take out the trash boy!!

My favorite pug videos

May 23, 2008

I love pugs- they are so wonderful. These are some of my favorite pug videos. The donut one is so funny because their little curly tails look like donuts. The licking one is funny because pugs do have this strange licking behavior- they do it all the time! Anyway, enjoy!

My new do

May 20, 2008

This was the best Mother’s Day ever! Tom sent me out with my sister for a day of pampering. I had my first ever professional facial, because I’m 30 now and need to take really good skin so I don’t get old and wrinkly! It was wonderful, and they hooked me up with some nice organic make up too- good stuff. We went to lunch at the Cheese Cake Factory, one of our favorite places. Then we went to the mall. We didn’t make appointments for our hair, we thought we would just wing it- bad idea because it was prom day! We finally found this little salon tucked in a corner by the Sears- Stewart and Co. I looked around to see if anyone looked qualified to deal with my hair, that’s when I found Brad. Here’s this room full of women and in the very back corner there is this tatooed, pierced up, freaky looking guy who I just knew could handle my curls. I asked if he could work me in and he took me right back. He removed my soccer mom pony tail, looked at my hair, and I told him to just fix it! I think he gave me the best cut and color I’ve ever had. He’s my new best friend- and I will follow him where ever he goes! Check out the random layers- all razor cut, never touched me with scissors. Note the red brown base, looks so natural with perfect caramel highlights- and not one grey hair in sight…


May 13, 2008

Poor Pickles. He’s at the vet today getting neutered. I don’t know what we’re going to do without him overnight, I miss him already! He won’t be ready to pick up until 10:30 tomorrow! He’s been such a perfect addition to our family, we really got lucky with that little cutie! I’ll have an update posted in the morninig.

Going to the groomer

April 30, 2008

Today is doggie spa day! It’s the first trip for baby Pickles. They are all getting the full treatment: bath, blow dry and brush, nails, ears, butts… I really hope Pickles has a good experience. We go to Classy Dogs- they do such a good job. The babies come home happy and smelling so good. Pugsley always falls asleep in the car on the way home- it must wear him out. I just miss them so much while they are gone, it’s so strange not to have them following me around the house all day.

Happy Anniversary to US!

April 24, 2008

I can’t believe we’ve been married NINE years! It’s pretty amazing to think back on everything we’ve been through together, how much we’ve grown, and how far we’ve come! Life is good!

Our Wedding Day was so much fun! We had such a simple, inexpensive wedding. I did all of the flowers myself- I even made my own bouquet. We made our own table favors- they were plastic spoons with hershey kisses in them, wrapped in toulle and tied with a little note that said, “a spoonfull of kisses from me and the misses”. So cute. McKenzie was just a little munchkin- she was the cutest little flower girl. We had so much fun with our family and friends. It was the first time, and only time that we’ve had everyone together like that. We drank keg beer and boxed wine, and just ate finger foods. No fancy sit down dinner, but it didn’t matter. We had the best day.

Our honeymoon was amazing. We rented a little cabin in Sevierville TN. It was up in the Smokey Mountains surrounded by the tallest trees you ever saw. The cabin’s theme was The Wizard of OZ. There was a big basket of fruit, nuts, and snacks waiting for us on the table in the kitchen, and champange chilling in the fridge along with a nice deli tray. I think the best part was the hot tub. It was out on a screened in deck- I think we sat out there every evening! Each day was a new adventure. We saw shows, ate at fancy places, even rode horses through the mountains. We spent a day driving through the Smokey Mountain National Park and gambling at a casino in North Carolina. It was our first time being away together without McKenzie, who stayed with Grandma that week. It was so much fun!!

I’m happy to say that nine years later, we’re still having fun. I would marry my best friend all over again!

Preparing for the Pug Luau!

April 22, 2008

Every year the Austin Pug Club hosts a Pug Luau to raise money for Pug Rescue. Last year there were so many pugs that we actually made it on the news! They are so cute all running around in grass skirts, Hawaiian shirts, bikinis, and leis! I’m trying to come up with cute costumes for these pug boys, but just can’t decide on a theme. Anyone have any great ideas? If I could get Pugsley to carry around an apple in his mouth he could go as the roast pig! I bet I could make Pickles into a pineapple or something…. we’ll probably end up in the traditional Hawaiian shirts! Oh- won’t the pictures be wonderful?!!