Is it summer yet??

The kids have only six days left of school! I will be so happy when we can all sleep in and spend our days laying out by the pool. This summer is going to be very different than last summer because the kids just have so many friends on our block now. They should have no problem staying entertained. Hopefully we can do some fun things to keep them out of trouble too. I’m so sad that our roller skating rink is closing in June. Both of the kids learned to skate there, their little hands are painted on the walls from thier birthday parties, where will we go for indoor fun?? Hopefully the dollar movie theater stays in business!

I love this time of year, hectic as it is. They have all their little end of year parties and stuff. Last week was field day, if I never see another can of Nacho Cheese it will be too soon! I’m that crazy person who signs up to work all day and gets put in the concession tent. I didn’t even get to take pictures of them playing with their friends. This was McKenzie’s last field day.

It’s such a bitter sweet thing knowing that my baby is going to middle school. She’s been at Double File since Kindergarten- it’s been such a wonderful school. I’m really glad Matt has a couple years to go- I’m not ready to say goodbye to DFT! I’ve already signed up to stay on as Fundraising Chair for our PTA- it will be my 2nd year on the executive board. It’s so much work, but so rewarding too. I wonder where they will put me to work at Ridgeview? I know I’ll do some band booster stuff for my little clarinet player. I’ll be busy promoting our bond package for the November election too. I would just hate to think that after all the hard work we’ve done on the Bond Committee putting it together it would fail because of voter ignorance. RRISD is going to be in trouble if the bond doesn’t pass- I think $300M is a fair price for a good education!

Here they are on the first day of school- they have grown so much this year. I’ll have last day pics up next week. Kenzie looks so pretty in her graduation dress…


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