My new do

This was the best Mother’s Day ever! Tom sent me out with my sister for a day of pampering. I had my first ever professional facial, because I’m 30 now and need to take really good skin so I don’t get old and wrinkly! It was wonderful, and they hooked me up with some nice organic make up too- good stuff. We went to lunch at the Cheese Cake Factory, one of our favorite places. Then we went to the mall. We didn’t make appointments for our hair, we thought we would just wing it- bad idea because it was prom day! We finally found this little salon tucked in a corner by the Sears- Stewart and Co. I looked around to see if anyone looked qualified to deal with my hair, that’s when I found Brad. Here’s this room full of women and in the very back corner there is this tatooed, pierced up, freaky looking guy who I just knew could handle my curls. I asked if he could work me in and he took me right back. He removed my soccer mom pony tail, looked at my hair, and I told him to just fix it! I think he gave me the best cut and color I’ve ever had. He’s my new best friend- and I will follow him where ever he goes! Check out the random layers- all razor cut, never touched me with scissors. Note the red brown base, looks so natural with perfect caramel highlights- and not one grey hair in sight…


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