Now Pickles is Grounded!

We had a big party last night. It was the Fiesta at Casa Baum for Cinco de Mayo. I wasn’t allowed to call it a Cinco de Mayo party because we’re not Mexican… whatever. So we had a house full of people, everyone was eating and drinking having a great time. I had the dogs put up in their little room because some of the kids at the party were scared of them, and because I didn’t want to take a chance of one of them getting out the front door and taking off. I eventually did let the boys out to potty, and to show off a little. Next thing I know, Pickles is drinking someone’s beer! He had set it down to play on the trampoline with his son and when he turned around Pickles was lapping it up! I had to talk to him about the dangers of under age drinking, and now he’s grounded until further notice. I guess I’m glad it was the baby dog and not one of the kids! =)


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